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Osprey Tilt String

Tilt monitoring made easy: distributed tilt sensing array designed for any application.

Robust design for the toughest environments, elegantly engineered for precision results.

Mounting Options

Mounting Bracket

For concrete, masonry, steel or wood using anchors, screws, or adhesives. Arc weldable for a robust mounting option for steel, while allowing easy retrieval of the device.

Track Clip

For low profile longitudinal settlement profile of rails. Mounted in the web of the rail, safe from rail maintenance operations.

Fixing Straps

For fixing to reinforcement cages, inclinometer casing, access tube etc. for direct embedment applications.


For rapid deployment on steel: rail, pipelines, gantries, bridges, tunnels, struts, girders etc.

How it works

The OTS comprises of a series of high precision, triaxial accelerometers for 360° tilt monitoring at regular intervals.

The digital bus configuration means you have a single data logger monitoring up to 150 devices from an accessible location. This simplifies data management and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The system is designed for ease of installation, with a number of fixing options specifically catering to a range of monitoring applications. The versatile design allows users to integrate the system to their project in whatever way their imagination allows.

The robust design allows the OTS to be installed conduit free in trenches, boreholes, concrete, tunnels or rail.



(l) 112.9mm x (w) 17.5mm x (h) 17.5mm


Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 65°C 

Power Requirements

4-24V, av. 25mA @ 12VDC


±90° in all axes






RS-485 Modbus RTU




Low Power

Osprey’s advanced protocol allows us to carry out sophisticated measurements and data processing without compromising battery life. Our low power design offers compatibility with battery operated data loggers without the need for an external power supply.


Easily Modify String Lengths

The Osprey Tilt String can be cut to length or extended using our 12 Bar pressure rated in-line connectors. The string is light weight and easily coiled into a small enclosure to accomodate excess sensors and cable for short term projects, ready to deploy on another project in the future.


User Defined Digital Commands

The digital output means only one signal cable is required to read an array of Osprey Tilt Strings.  We offer a selection of RS-485 protocols including ASCII and Modbus RTU, giving you the flexibility to link your system to a wide variety of data acquisition and telemetry devices. 


Move With Your Project

The mounting options available with the Osprey Tilt String allow the OTS to be repurposed for any application. Simply unbolt the sensors from one mount and replace with another to suit your next project, making decommissioning and redeployment quick and easy. 

Rail Mounted for Track Geometry

Fixed to Rebar for Concrete Embedment

Magnets for Rapid Deployment