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Automatic Settlement Profiler

Quickly and easily automate settlement or heave monitoring of your embankment, cutting, slope or structure. 

How it works

The ASP comprises a series of distributed pressure sensors within a sealed hydraulically charged tube.

The pressure sensors report pressure in millimetres of head which is translated into differential elevation. Changes in differential elevation are referenced to a sensor or sensors beyond the zone of influence (or at an otherwise known elevation) and reported as settlement or heave of your site.

The system can be buried directly in a trench, installed within a conduit, bracketed to a wall or cast in concrete. It is ideally suited to retrofitting in existing profilometer access tubes. 

The Automatic Settlement Profiler is available from 25m to 150m lengths, with sensors at 1m, 2.5m or 5m intervals. Where necessary, these can either be coiled to reduce length, or extended using a second or multiple additional systems for longer applications. Where multiple systems are used, an overlap section allows transfer of reference along the chain. Check out our application notes or speak to one of our engineers for more details.



25mm Ø, 25-125m length.

Coiled diamater 1000mm


Stainless Steel end pieces

MDPE pipe

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C 




8m max differential elevation






RS485 / Modbus RTU




Low Power

Osprey Measurement Systems’ advanced protocol allows us to carry out sophisticated measurements and data processing without compromising battery life. Our low power design offers compatibility with battery operated data loggers, without the need for an external power supply.


Easy to Install in Any Situation

The ASP has been specifically designed to minimise complication during installation. It is orientation independent, meaning no special casing or alignment tool is required. The system is completely sealed so does not require an elevated reference location and with an 8 metre range, you can traverse even the most challenging topography. 


Flexible Digital Commands

The Automatic Settlement Profiler’s digital output means only one signal cable is required to read an entire settlement system.  Our broad compatibility allows you to seamlessly link each settlement system to a wide variety of data acquisition and telemetry devices. 


Effortless Data Processing

Our laboratory calibration provides precision conversion from pressure to head. Once the profiler is installed, the system can be zeroed. A sensor or section is selected as the reference zone and all readings are then referenced to that zone and report in elevation difference in millimetres. This conversion can be done within the sensor, or through your own data management program.