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The next generation of geotechnical instrumentation

Osprey Measurement Systems are developing a suite of geotechnical and structural instrumentation for the civil and resources sectors. Our mission is to produce monitoring solutions that are easy to install, read and interpret, automating manual processes and reducing overall monitoring costs.


Osprey Tilt String – OTS

The Osprey Tilt String (OTS) provides distributed tilt measurements for vertical and linear assets. Its simple design and multitude of mounting options makes the OTS well suited to a wide range of applications, offering easy installation, low cost data capture and streamlined data management.

The robust design allows the system to be embedded in the concrete of a diaphragm wall or tower core, laid in a trench with a pipeline, or open to the elements on railways or retaining walls. 

Our unique micro-tilts are connected in a serial sensor bus to provide high-precision measurements from up to 150 positions along a single cable.

Rapid Installation

Easy to install, monitor, and maintain

Versatile mounting options

Single data access point

Cost Effective Monitoring

Sensor spacing to suit your project and budget

Increase density for high precision monitoring

Reduce density for distributed event detection

Robust, Low Profile Design

Direct burial or concrete embedded

Resilient to rail maintenance activities

High vibration threshold

Osprey Tilt String


In-Place Extensometer – IPX

The Osprey Measurement Systems In-Place Extensometer offers high precision, cost effective settlement monitoring.

Reduce costs, increase site safety and improve project performance by automating new or existing magnetic extensometers.

The IPX is designed with a focus on ease of use while maintaining adaptability to accommodate site conditions. 

Easily adjust sensor position, extend through fill or reduce installation height with excavation. 

Measurement Continuity

Extend through fill

Cut with excavation

Pre, during and post construction monitoring

High Density Monitoring

Up to 40 instruments in a single borehole

Sub-millimetric precision

Low-profile headworks

Use… Re-Use

Retro-fit in existing magnetic extensometers

Leap-frog automation with critical monitoring zone

Retrieve for reuse at the end of a project

In-Place Extensometer


Automatic Settlement Profiler – ASP

The Osprey Measurement Systems Automatic Settlement Profiler provides near-real time settlement profiles. 

The ASP is designed for easy installation in trenches, through an access tube, bracketed to structures or embedded in concrete. 

The system reports differential settlement at 1 metre intervals along an alignment and can accommodate up to 8 metres of settlement.

What we do


Monitoring systems that meet your needs

We work closely with our partners and customers to ensure you are supported from your initial enquiry. We provide assistance throughout installation and reporting, right up to the removal and reinstatement of your instrument. 

Advanced Sales Process

Our online platform allows you to build quotes, check inventory, place orders, track shipments and view the status of past and current orders and invoices.

Partner Training

We are committed to maximising the performance of our products. We see each installation as a partnership and offer extensive training to ensure your project is a success.

Technical Support

We place an emphasis on providing you with the tools and assistance your need for an issue free installation. This includes an online resources platform, 24/7 telephone and email support and where required, on-site supervision.


Our monitoring solutions are reliant on the input and cooperation of our partners. We are always interested to hear about the challenges you face on site, or ways we can improve our own range. Ask about our Collaboration Program to find out more.


Making a Safe Workforce the Number One Priority

Automation isn’t just about cutting costs and improving data quality. It’s about keeping your workforce safe.

Cost Effective Settlement Monitoring

With the cost of human intervention rising, what is the value of focusing your team on the work that matters?